Know the rules to bend them

Know the rules;

bend them

We are a pocket creative studio for startups, small businesses and associations.

A Customer Centred Design

The most important aspect of a design project is the communication. A transmission that needs to be bilateral. This is why our working method includes an Agile methodology that allows us, together with our client, to deconstruct the brief and separate it into its basic components. We call this methodology “Tatami” {mat used as flooring in traditional Japanese-style rooms} as it allows us to deliver a project including the client in each and every passage.

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Digital and ethical design at your fingertips. Daniele Daldoss, founder of Madquake Creative for more than 14 years has been involved in animation and design, emphasizing the importance of being able to use any project at 360 °.

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Digital creation

Using dedicated software we can generate any kind of digital contents for your website, social networks, presentations or printed material. Our strength resides in the multidisciplinary approach through the use of scripting that grants great flexibility and customisability.


Motion graphics

We work on 2D animations, infographics, data visualisations and other kind of motion design material. This is not limited to video but can be expanded into digital or 3D elements always providing consistency across the project.


3D design

We are 3D artists who can easily turn a 3D model into an animation. We can work through the whole process, from modeling an object to visualize an idea, to texturing to test different materials and patterns, to an equally effective full animation on an Instagram campaign or visual effects.

Recent Works

We love to help companies gain visibility on the web by developing brand awareness through the use of motion graphics and digital design projects. Infographics and data visualization are among the best ways to achieve this while also providing added value to the proposal.

Skill mix

Our working method consists of a multidisciplinary approach to the project. A wide skill mix allows the development of multi-platform projects granting consistency across the media. The use of scripting languages provides an additional boost adding automation and easy customisability.

Latest news

Stay tuned with the latest post from my blog. We’ll publish more articles based on our experience as digital creators. All the articles and videos will be based on our very personal researches and discoveries!



Fantastic work would be an understatement. Completed work very quickly, and to a very high standard. And everything just works as it should. I will not hesitate to use for future projects and additional work to my site. Very informative. Also Keeps you up to date on progress. Thank you for the brilliant website



from Google myBusiness


Daniel worked at my website in the most professional and highly qualitative way . His advice was precise and fast. His competence and knowledge of graphics and design are truly a guarantee for the best result. Thanks a lot!!!



from Google myBusiness

Let's talk about your next project

Our working method consists of a multidisciplinary to and Agile {Scrum} project management methodology. The work is divided into sub-tasks and milestones. Every individual involved is always kept in the loop and though the milestones we are able to provide value after very little time.

Brands we collaborated with

We had the opportunity to collaborate with many brands, both international and startups. In some cases by working on creating brand guidelines and in others by generating bespoke content.