I am your Pocket Creative Agency

Hi, I’m Daniele. My goal is to give life to your projects by creating a connection with your audience through effective targeted design.

What does this mean? It means that I can create your brand identity as well as high-end animations and digital 3D contents. This is the best way to generate excitement around your business maintaining harmony among your channels to achieve a real change!

How can I help you?

I’m a Freelance Creative Designer with more than 10 years of experience in branding, motion graphics and 3D art. I graduated with Honours in Graphic Design & Multimedia in 2009 and in 2012 I achieved a Master with Honours in Communication Design.

Working internationally, I have acquired a unique sensitivity towards visual communication and I take pride in my advanced skill mix and problem-solving attitude.

I aim to offer my clients the best experience ever generating excitement around the project guiding them in every part of the creative process. The whole journey becomes an unforgettable adventure.


Take a Sip of My Journey

I was born in Bolzano, a small town crowned by the Italian Alps. My home place is the one where Italian and German cultures meet. This is where my excitement about connection and diversity was originated. Mixing experiences in a collaborative way don’t just double the possibilities, but multiplies them!



Branding and creative design

Your brand is the soul of your project. It allows your potential clients to connect with you at a glance. This is why I’ll accompany you through all the generation phases, to harvest the essence of your message into effective visuals across your different channels.
And not just that, using the same set of skills I can work on your campaigns generating exciting contents and tailor them for the media you wish to use making them recognizable and perfectly fit across your different channels.


Motion graphics and 3D Design

Why using animations and 3D to improve your communication?
Because animating your message make it much clearer, faster and easier to digest for your audience. Animations and Infographics are cost-effective. 41% of marketers lack the budget for all the expensive equipment required for a video.
Using animated content I provide you with one of the most exciting communicational tools at your fingertips.


Digital Design

In a constantly changing world adaptation is necessary. Not just that, but contents created for your brand and communication can even be pushed forward. 3D and motion contents are used in harmony across different channels, reducing costs and generating real changes to how your communication performs.
Just imagine what you wish to achieve, and I’ll find the right solution for you.
Furthermore, I can work on bespoke pieces, such as high-quality 3D models for your team and exciting VFX to enhance your product over the top.

Skill mix

My working method consists of a multidisciplinary approach to the project. A wide skill mix allows the development of multi-platform projects granting consistency across the media. The use of scripting languages provides an additional boost adding automation and easy customisability.

Latest news

Stay tuned with the latest post from my blog. I’ll publish more articles based on my experience as a digital creator. All the articles and videos will be based on my very personal researches and discoveries!

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Let's talk about your next project

My working method consists of a multidisciplinary to and Agile {Scrum} project management methodology. The work is divided into sub-tasks and milestones. Every individual involved is always kept in the loop and through the milestones. In this way, I’m able to provide value after very little time.

Brands I collaborated with

I had the opportunity to collaborate with many brands, both international and startups. In some cases by working on creating brand guidelines and in others by generating bespoke content.