Brand Story

The first time I thought about Madquake was in 2005 during a Multimedia Installations lecture while I was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia (Italy). I wanted to find a concept that could explain in one word what is that Nirvana located between calm and madness; that point in the creative process where all the ideas converge into the perfect solution.

Over the years I’ve used Madquake as a pseudonym to identify my persona with my profession and passion.
Like in a brainstorm, concepts float freely and madly until something shakes you to the point to click. This is the meeting point where you found the right concept.

In 2012, I moved to London where I had the chance to find a mix between Italian creativity and British design proving that diversity is enrichment.
Since I have been working with big and small brands always treating each project as an adventure full of treasures and new possibilities.

My goal is to create a connection that spread like an earthquake generating new possibilities.
I want to find excitement in every single project and manage to share this feeling with everyone.
My aim is to generate a change improving what the world is already offering.
I focus on effectiveness by finding and implementing new solutions to every problem.
Good design is achieved by finding harmony among every single element making it count wherever you use it.

Destination’s Value is determined by the Journey