Brand Story

Deconstruct and adapt to the needs of the constantly shifting world, and evolution passes through destruction as much as the creation passes through the chaos.

Madquake’s philosophy is making design accessible, clear and finding the perfect creative fit through endless possibilities.

Today’s designs have become too stagnant and don’t give products the emotions they deserve. By giving the product an understanding, this allows the product to be noticed for its specific dynamics.

Interpreting the brief is vitally important by understanding the basic elements, forms, colours or conceptions which develop into something new or yet familiar. Developing drawings in 3D and scripts in animations gives full control of the message, which is the most important part of the process.

The great painter Kandinsky associated the yellow triangle with the concept of madness and the blue circle with the one of calm. The simplicity of this concept made people realise how, even between opposed ideas, there will always be a point partially representing both the concepts.

Madquake is the Nirvana located between calm and madness, that point of convergence in the creative process that is the perfect fit for your message.

Innovation // Ethic // Hope // Freedom