My Showreel

Since 2005 Madaquake has been the brand I used to represent myself and my work. This one minute long showreel is a summary of different projects I’ve been working on in the last few years.
Projects include 2D and 3D animations as much as VFX and infographics, created and developed using different softwares.
Having recently rebranded the identity of Madquake, the final animation became really important in the developing of the new visual communication.

All the models and illustrations have been made by myself, except for “the running guy” [00.25], “the shark”[00.27], that I animated during the training at Eon Reality Innovation Academy. The animations of the dancer and the cannon, visible at 0.23, 0,29 and 0.34 have been completely developed by myself for personal projects while following the course at Eon Innovation Academy. The illustrations used for the camera moving backwards [00.45] provided by the company that commissioned me the animation. Logos have been recreated and animated in 3D for several clients starting from their company brand, while some [like IOOP and Madquake] have been entirely designed by myself together with the rest of the corporate identity. Madquake is part of my personal brand identity and represent myself.